Terms of Service

Please read our Terms of Service carefully.


At Petrovic Roses we grow and dispatch roses of the highest quality. However, with living plants problems can occur from time to time. When you receive your roses, if something appears to be wrong, please let us know quickly and we will replace them free of charge. We cannot be responsible for adverse weather conditions, nor other circumstances beyond our control.


All abroad Orders are payable through Societe General Bank. Please contact us for details. Roses are reserved immediately as we receive a notification on your payment.

Validity Of The Prices

Petrovic Roses keeps the right to change the prices without explicit note. Please check our Purchase Roses page for the latest prices. 

Postage and Packing

If you are making order by mail, postage and packing fees are charged separately. Postage fees may vary depending on the destination country and/or weight of the parcel.

Phytosanitary Certificate

Please note that for the export of roses we are required to obtain a valid Phytosanitary Certificate. The fee for the Certificate is 35.00 Euros, and it applies per shipment.