Sophy's Rose

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English Roses
Bred by: 
David Austin (United Kingdom, 1997)
Light red
Height of up to 3' (90 cm). Width of 2.5 (75 cm)
Light, tea
The rosette-shaped flowers have an attractive light red or deep pink colouring. The petals are small at the centre and increase in size, by degrees, until the outer petals are quite large, resulting in broad, rather flat blooms reminiscent of zinnias. The effect is a little different from other red roses, which tend to have a certain ‘sameness’ about them. It is very healthy and repeat-flowers extremely well. There is a light tea fragrance. ‘Sophy’s Rose’ forms an upright, bushy shrub with beautiful, healthy, elongated foliage, giving the overall impression of airy lightness. Its compact, twiggy growth makes it ideal for bedding. ‘Sophy’s Rose’ can also be grown as a bushy, upright, yet compact, hedge.